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We proudly sell Canadian diamonds for their beauty and conflict free status. They are being mined in accordance with the principles of sustainable development and to some of the highest environmental standards in the world. Canadian diamonds can be traced back to the mine of origin. Scientists have dated diamonds from the diamond fields in Canada’s Northwest Territories and have found them to be the oldest precisely dated diamonds on Earth. They formed 3.5 billion years ago in an era called the Archean when the Earth was forming its first continents.

On some of our Canadian diamonds, we can have the girdle engraved with a special sentiment, at no extra cost. Why not make that gemstone memorable!

Canadian diamonds come in all shape and sizes. Because we buy directly from the manufacturer and cut the middle man, we offer you exceptional value.


It takes up to three times longer than any standard square cut to achieve the finishing quality of the Ideal2 Diamond. With its 68 facets and Hearts & Arrows pattern, the Ideal 2 Canadian diamond has better light reflection and dispersion of colours than any other Ideal cut diamond in the industry.

cut heart arrow diamonds The Hearts & Arrows pattern is truly the mark of a perfectly cut diamond for it can only occur when each of the diamond’s facets align exactly.

The Hearts & Arrows scope allows you to see the symmetrical alignment of the 68 facets by showing 8 distinctive arrows when the diamond is viewed from the topside.

When viewed from the bottom side, the scope allows you to see the same optical symmetry by showing 8 distinctive hearts.

When combined, the symmetry of this diamond makes for an ideal cut never seen before.

Come see these spectacular diamonds for yourself!


Argyle Pink Diamonds

Argyle Pink DiamondsArgyle pink diamonds are highly coveted as the world’s rarest and most sought after gems. The Argyle Diamond Mine in Australia produces more than 90% of the world’s pink diamonds and is scheduled to close in 2020 after 30 years of mine life. There is currently no new source of pink diamonds found in the world and it has sharpened collector demand. Pink diamonds’ value is directly related to their rarity.

Reports available through online research monitoring auctions and sales assert that in the last 30 years, Argyle pink diamonds have never lost their value and have steadily increased in price even through difficult economic recessions. Many investors are using coloured diamonds as a tangible, portable, and liquid asset in their portfolio.

Aeron E. King, Goldsmith is proud to offer these exquisite, rare diamonds to our clients. We acquire pink diamonds directly from the Argyle Diamond Mine through a Rio Tinto Select Diamantaire, a coveted position that is available to very few buyers in the world.

Our Argyle pink diamonds are laser engraved and certified at the mine, proving their authenticity and origin. You will receive an appraisal for insurance purposes with your purchase as the value of your stone will already have increased by the time you walk out of Aeron E. King Goldsmith Ltd.