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appraisalsA good appraisal certificate will, not only allow you to get proper insurance to protect your jewellery, but also have all the details necessary to insure that the replacement meets the quality of your original piece.

An appraisal certificate should have the following:

Description: an insurance adjuster will rely on this information when you make a claim so it should be as detailed as possible. If the piece is a custom design, the description should also disclose that.

Photographs: clear photographs to back up the description

Value: this should be an amount that can adequately cover the jewellery in case of peril. The single most important caveat regarding appraisals is the fictitious inflated value. Misrepresentation of value is a major problem in the jewellery industry, your jewellery should not be over or under insured.

Date and Exchange Rate: since the price of gold as well as our dollars value fluctuates regularly, this information will help support the declared value.

Signature: The appraiser should have gemmological credentials from a recognized trade school.

At Aeron E. King, Goldsmith Ltd, your jewellery is important to us. We never send anything out, all appraisals are done in store by a qualified GIA Graduate Gemmologist/Appraiser.

  • Jewellery Appraisals for insurance, estate or resale
  • Diamond grading report
  • Coloured Stone grading
  • Gemstone Identification reports